Bitfields and Enumerations

As is common with embedded devices, the inverters use bitfields to save space, as a single byte can represent a number of individual states in 255 possible combinations. The downside is: One cannot interpret these without an explanation.


With four 32-bit-OIDs and thus 128 bits, the fault[*].flt family is so large that it gets its own page at Faults.


This 32-bit wide value describes the status of the battery stack as a whole. Some of the values have been empirically identified, but most of it is largely unknown.

  • value & 1032 == 0 causes the App to display (calib.) [1]. Note that this sets two bits at the same time.

  • value & 2048 == 0 denotes that balancing is in progress (App displays (balance)) [1]